Norwood Chapter #18 Royal Arch Masonry

Norwood Chapter (Royal Arch Masonry) is an Alternative for Master Masons Looking to Join an Unique Masonic Organization. We are the 1st European Concept Royal Arch Chapter in North America. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and meet on the 1st Monday of February, April, June, & October at 19:00hrs for our Business Meeting followed by either Education or a Degree.

Our Chapter Searches out the Best Masonic Speakers from Edmonton's and Beyond and we have an Education Presentation at each Chapter Meeting. A Festive Board is conducted after each of our Meetings at a Local Restaurant. We welcome any Royal Arch Mason who has time to Visit our Chapter. We value our Visitors and Welcome them Wholeheartedly into Chapter. The Chapter meets at Acacia Hall, located at 10433 83rd Avenue deep in the heart of Edmonton's historic Whyte Avenue district.

Candidates for these Ancient & Profound Degrees, and all Chapter Members, must Embrace our 10 Chapter Principles. You must have a Love of Excellent Ritual, Education, & Fellowship. We are unique, and are Working Very Hard to earn a High Level of Commitment from our Membership. Part of the Leadership we Teach and Learn within Chapter is to give back; both to the Chapter and to Our Craft Lodge in which we were Raised and that we are Duty Bound to Support.

Norwood Chapter Principals

  1. Ritual Excellence
  2. Education
  3. Elegance Of Dress
  4. Chapter Ambiance
  5. None Traditional Timings
  6. Festive Board
  7. Two Year Terms Of Office
  8. Fewer Meetings
  9. Selectivity
  10. Commitment

If you are a Master Mason please feel free to contact us. A Proper Screening of all Candidates will be Conducted by the Chapter when you apply but we are not an Elite or Costly Organization. We do Demand a Commitment of Time and Hard Work.

Please remember that it may take awhile after you apply before you can attend a meeting because we only take new candidates a few times per years. Join us as We Keep these Ancient and Profound Degrees Alive, while Enjoying Education and Excellent Fellowship.